Reliable Residential Electrical Services in Madison, WI

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Top-Quality Residential Electrical Services in Madison, WI

Your home is your haven, and reliable electrical services are essential for ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency. From providing power to appliances and lighting up your space to enabling seamless connectivity through home automation, electricity is the backbone of modern living.

At Helping Hands Electric, we take immense pride in our expertise and experience in delivering exceptional residential electrical service in Madison. Our team of highly skilled electricians is dedicated to keeping your home powered with precision and care. Whether it's resolving electrical issues, conducting thorough inspections, doing electrical repairs, or handling complex wiring projects, we have the knowledge and skills to meet all your electrical needs.

If you're local to Madison, Wisconsin, and require residential electrical services, look no further. Contact Helping Hands Electric today to experience professional and reliable electrical solutions.

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We are very pleased with the service we received from Helping Hands. Jacob arrived on time and was very professional and knowledgeable. He quickly installed a foyer ceiling lamp and a dining room fixture. Jacob is the best. I'm glad to be able to support small businesses like this when the service is beyond expectations.

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Residential Electrical Services

Helping Hands Electric provides electrical solutions for homeowners. Our experienced electricians can help with everything from new installations to general electrical repairs throughout.

Electrical System Inspections

Regular inspections are vital for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system. Our skilled electricians conduct thorough examinations, identifying potential issues like loose connections and faulty wiring to prevent accidents and costly repairs.

Flickering Lights or Bulb Burnouts

If you are experiencing flickering lights or frequent bulb burnouts, it may indicate underlying electrical problems. Our experts will diagnose and address the issue, ensuring your lighting system functions reliably.

Switches and Outlets Shock When Touched

Electric shocks from switches and outlets are hazardous and require immediate attention. Our electricians will identify the cause and implement necessary repairs, making your home safe.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

Frequent circuit breaker trips can result from overloaded circuits or faulty electrical components. We will diagnose the cause and provide efficient solutions to prevent further disruptions.

Outlets, Switches, Controls, & Dimmers

Whether you need new outlets, switches, controls, or dimmers installed, our professionals will handle the task with precision, ensuring optimal functionality.

New Circuits, Rewiring, & Equipment Connections

Adding new circuits, rewiring, or connecting electrical equipment requires expert knowledge. We have the expertise to perform these tasks safely and efficiently.

Fuse Box Replacement, Service Changes, & Upgrades

Upgrading your fuse box or making service changes are essential for modern electrical demands. Our team will execute these upgrades to enhance your home's electrical capacity.

Kitchen light installation by professional electrician in Madison.
EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation

Now that electric vehicles are becoming more popular, many homeowners want to install EV chargers. As a leading provider of electrical services in Madison, WI, we can help you choose and install the right charger for your home. We'll ensure it's installed and working correctly so you can quickly charge your vehicle.

 Interior and Exterior Lighting

Interior Lighting

Our lighting service includes using artificial light sources like lamps and light fixtures for interior lighting and natural lighting by capturing daylight. Let our professional team of local electricians install your light fixtures to increase interior lighting in your home. We can also install the newest lighting styles for your next interior design project. Interior lighting could include ceiling, wall, and bathroom vanity lighting. Give us a call today to learn more about your interior lighting options.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is a smart investment that enhances the beauty of your home while adding increased security. So whether you want to illuminate a particular area or showcase your entire home, Helping Hands Electric has local professional electricians to install the perfect lighting setup for your home.

  • Decks and Patios – Entertain friends and family at night.
  • Paths and Stairs – Find your way in the dark.
  • Driveway Lights – A friendly and safe way to welcome family members and visitors.
  • Security Lighting – Lights with motion sensors can act as a deterrent.
  • Automated Systems – Lights activated by either a timer, photocells, or motion sensors.
Lights new installation for a remodel of a bathroom in Madison.

Remodeling Services

Are you ready to start an electrical project and don’t know where to begin? Our expert technicians can help you start by planning your project and providing an estimate. By using our services, you can rest assured knowing that your electrical system is properly wired, saving you money in the long run. Our local team can install new electrical services or re-wire an existing system to keep your home and family in Madison safe.

Smoke and CO2 Detector

Smoke and CO2 Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by measuring CO2 levels. If the levels become dangerous, an alarm will sound — giving people enough time to ventilate the area or evacuate safely. Some detectors also alert a monitoring service that can dispatch emergency services if necessary.

Smoke detectors sense smoke levels to indicate a possible fire. When smoke is detected, residential smoke detectors will sound an alarm audible and visible. We can keep your family safe by installing or replacing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Motion Detector

Motion Detector

Motion detectors are essential for security, home control, energy efficiency, automated lighting control, and other helpful strategies. Motion detectors can also calm your fears when it automatically lights up outside your garage, sidewalk, or yard areas. We will help you select the correct motion detector and location for installation at your home. Contact us today to learn more about the different motion detectors we install.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting, blending architecture, interior design, and electrical engineering, transforms your environment with innovative lighting. Whether bold and dramatic or subtle and refined, it enhances the beauty and functionality of your space. Elevate your experience with our expert installation services. For a tailored lighting solution, reach out to your local Madison area electricians today.

Security Lighting

Security Lighting

The key to successful security lighting is strategically placing and aiming the floodlights or spotlights where they will startle and at least temporarily blind an intruder while also alerting you, your neighbors, and others to their activity. Our Helping Hands Electric electricians have been designing and installing security lighting setups for homes in the Madison area for many years, so we know how to evaluate where and how to install a successful crime prevention lighting system. Give us a call today to learn more about your security lighting options.

Our Approach to Residential Electrical Service

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Safety

At Helping Hands Electric, we prioritize customer satisfaction and safety above all else. Our team is committed to providing you with reliable electrical solutions tailored to your specific electrical needs.

Qualifications and Certifications

Each electrician at Helping Hands Electric is highly qualified and certified to handle a wide range of electrical projects. Our expertise, combined with our commitment to ongoing training, ensures that we are well-versed with the latest advancements in the electrical industry.

Advanced Tools, Techniques, and Industry Best Practices

We pride ourselves on using advanced tools and techniques to deliver top-notch electrical services. From cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to energy-efficient lighting solutions, we stay up-to-date with industry best practices to offer you the best possible service.

Guarantees Offered on the Services Provided

To give our customers peace of mind, we back our services with warranties and guarantees. This way, you can trust in the quality and longevity of our workmanship.

Electrical work you can count on.

Should our electrical service not meet your expectations, we are committed to resolving it promptly. Our confidence in our craftsmanship is such that we provide a complimentary one-year warranty on all labor and materials we supply and install. For more extensive projects, we extend our warranty coverage to between 2 and 5 years for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Us for Residential Electrical Service in Madison?

What sets Helping Hands Electric apart is our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled electrical services. Our customers rely on us for our professionalism, attention to detail, and promptness in delivering solutions. We are proud recipients of various awards, certifications, and affiliations that testify to our dedication to excellence in the electrical industry.

Choosing Helping Hands Electric means choosing a company that truly cares about your home and your well-being. We treat your property as if it were our own, ensuring that every electrical job is completed with the utmost precision and care.

Looking for extra reassurance?

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We're thrilled to roll out our Electrical Safety Savings Plan, an exclusive club designed for our customers keen on accessing superb savings regarding electrical services. Whether routine repairs or handling breakers and fuses, your membership secures you access to deals and rates that will be kind to your budget.

Membership aside, our commitment at Helping Hands Electric stands firm: if our service doesn't match your expectations, we pledge to make it right or offer a full refund.


Our electricians boast a track record of punctuality and excellence. As a member, you'll enjoy priority service, leapfrogging over non-member service calls. We prioritize your electrical concerns, ensuring that your repair, maintenance, or installation needs are addressed swiftly.


Overlooking annual electrical maintenance can lead to significant issues. Your membership entitles you to a complimentary 50-point electrical inspection annually. Forgetful with dates? We've got you covered. We'll give you a heads-up for your upcoming free inspection to confirm the appointment suits your schedule.


Who doesn't love a good discount? As a member, you'll receive an exclusive rate cut on all our services at Helping Hands Electric. Regardless of your electrical needs, your member discount applies across the board. It's as simple as that.


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Energize your home!

In search of a dependable electrician in Madison, WI? Your search ends here! From straightforward fixes to elaborate setups, our seasoned electricians stand ready to assist. We recognize a well-operating electrical system's crucial role in your home and are committed to excellence in every task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I have my home's electrical system inspected?

We recommend having your home's electrical system inspected at least once every two years, even if there are no apparent issues. Regular inspections help identify potential hazards early on and ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

What should I do if my circuit breaker keeps tripping?

Frequent circuit breaker trips can indicate overloaded circuits or faulty electrical components. To address this issue, first try unplugging some devices from the circuit and resetting the breaker. If the problem persists, it's best to call our professionals at Helping Hands Electric for a thorough diagnosis and safe resolution.

Can I upgrade my home's lighting system for energy efficiency?

Absolutely! Upgrading your home's lighting system to energy-efficient LED bulbs or installing smart lighting controls can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills. Our team can help you choose the right lighting solutions that match your needs and preferences.

Is home automation compatible with older homes?

Yes, home automation can be integrated into older homes. While it might require some adjustments and upgrades, our experienced electricians at Helping Hands Electric can customize home automation solutions that work seamlessly with your existing electrical setup. Contact us today for residential electrical service!